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Born Free USA's Trapping and Fur Trade Campaign

Each year, millions of furbearing animals are killed in the name of "nuisance wildlife control" and millions more are killed for "fashion." Indiscriminate body-crushing traps lead to an excutiating end to animals slaughtered for the fur on their backs. Traps also injure and kill domestic animals, as evidenced in our Non-Target Trapping Incidents database, and pose risks to people as well.

(Watch a short video in which our chief executive officer, Will Travers, talks about this campaign.)

Whether used as a full-length coat or simple trim, fur represents senseless pain and suffering. Farm-raised fur is no exception. Animals on fur farms live in a state of constant fear and are kept in tiny, filthy cages, deprived of the ability to express natural behavior. Moreover, no comprehensive U.S. law regulates how animals on fur farms are to be housed or killed.

Born Free USA is working to protect animals from archaic traps and bring an end to the barbaric fur trade.

LEARN: Recent Developments

What's happening on the ground around the world to wildlife, slaughtered for their fur?

  • Three cheers for West Hollywood, the first city in the country to ban the sale of fur clothing.
  • We call out a trapping advocate in Pennsylvania for his gross distortions on the issue.
  • In April, a raccoon suffered mightily before succumbing after seven days in a trap in a Washington, D.C., neighborhood. Born Free USA is offering $500 to anyone who can provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the trapper.

BORN FREE USA: On the Front Lines

  • In March, we testified in Hartford, CT, before the Select Committee on Children, a joint panel of the Connecticut state Legislature in favor of House Bill 5324, a bill drafted in part by Born Free USA that would place restrictions on trappers.
  • In May, our Senior Program Associate Monica Engebretson joined colleagues from Trap Free New Mexico on an eight-city swing to highlight the dangers associated with trapping on public lands.
  • We also tapped into our Trapping Victims Fund to help defray the veterinary costs incurred by Myra Combs in North Carolina after J.J., the family cat, was caught and severely injured in a Conibear trap.
  • Through next Monday, we're rallying our team members in Montana to speak out against a proposed wolf trapping season.
  • In California, we spearheaded Senate Bill 1480, which would tighten regulations on "nuisance" wildlife control officers, whose traps injure and kill thousands of animals every year. The bill is still working its way through the state Legislature.
  • Last summer, we announced the winners of our third annual Fur Free Fashion Competition, fffashion. This increasingly popular contest continues in 2012; stay tuned as we announce results from our celebrity panel of judges, who include Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Rivers and Victoria Principal.
  • In September, we unleashed a fuselage of fur free fun in our second L.A. fashion show. See for yourself!

ACT: What You Can Do

  • Patronize stores that do not sell real fur. To see what some of your options are nationally, visit our Consumers for a Fur Free Society.
  • Do you know of an incident of a non-targeted animal being caught in a trap? (A companion animal? An endangered species?) Please tell us about it via our online form so we can add it to our Non-Target Trapping Incidents database.
  • Warn your friends about the reality and danger of hidden traps, especially if they hike with their dogs.
  • Refrain from using lethal methods to deal with "nuisance" wildlife. Learn how with our Coexisting with Wildlife brochures and other educational materials.
  • Don't allow trappers to trap on your property. Instead, clearly post signs prohibiting trapping on your land and prosecute violators.
  • Implore your congressional representative to support banning cruel traps within the National Wildlife Refuge system.
  • Find out some other ways you can take action against trapping.
  • Read Born Free USA's report "Cruelty Uncaged: A Review of Fur Farming in North America," which includes includes the "Dirty Dozen" worst fur farming states.

CONTRIBUTE: Support Wildlife Protection

Born Free USA offers several ways in which you can contribute financially to our fight against trapping and the fur trade. Please consider doing one (or more!) of the following:

Participate in our annual Keep Wildlife in the Wild Auction, June 18-22. Check out the items! Make a one-time donation. Contribute to our Trapping Victims Fund. Sponsor a fox. Purchase one of our plush toys.

HAVE FUN! Enter Our Photo, Essay Contests

Grab a camera and participate in our second annual Keep Wildlife in the Wild Photo Contest, or encourage a young person to enter our inaugural "How I'm Going Wild for Animals This Summer" essay contest.

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