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August 21, 2012

Watch as Orphan Discovers New Digs in Ethiopia


Dear Friend,

Four months ago, Born Free rescued and welcomed to our sanctuary in Ethiopia four cheetah cubs who had been captured from the wild and were destined to be smuggled to the Middle East, where they would have been subjected to miserable, probably shortened lives as "pets."

Last week, we rescued another cheetah cub, otherwise doomed to a similar intended fate. Watch her playful and inspiring first experiences at the wildlife center in this short video. (You also can check her out in our photo gallery.)

At our 80-hectare sanctuary in Ensessakotteh, we accommodate a variety of species from cheetahs and lions to primates and tortoises — to rehabilitate those who are able to return to the wild, and provide lifelong care for those who are not. Our newest resident joins about 10 other rescued cheetahs and can look forward to the fullest and most natural life we can provide. She will never become some misguided person's pet.

Providing for these animals, and managing the rescues that brought them here, require a significant, long-running investment. After you watch the video, please consider making a generous donation to our cause today. Thank you.



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