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September 6, 2012

All Too Often, Pet Stores Fail the Animals


Dear Friend,

Sorrowful scenes of suffering and pitiful neglect — they take place daily in pet stores throughout the United States. Please make a donation today to help end this cruelty.

In pet stores, animals are viewed as commodities so that the store can realize a profit. This means that, in order to cut costs, animals often are kept in deplorable conditions and denied needed veterinary care.

To cite just one example, more than 100 animals were seized this year from a Dearborn Heights store in Michigan after numerous complaints from concerned customers about sick animals kept in overcrowded, overheated conditions. One distraught customer reported how store employees were seemingly unaware of a dead puppy with other puppies jumping all around the body in one of the cramped cages!

Many people mistakenly believe that animals sold in pet stores are protected by laws. But federal protection for animals in pet stores is almost nonexistent, and there are only 27 states with enacted laws establishing some form of humane care standards for animals kept in a retail environment. The quality and scope of these laws vary from state to state, as does enforcement, allowing too many incidents of substandard care to exist in pet stores nationwide.

In a "pet loving" country like ours, such horrors are an outrage! So, I ask you now: Will you support Born Free USA's fight to end the evils that human beings level upon helpless animals? Please make a generous donation today.

In common cause,

P.S. Learn more about Born Free USA's crusade against pet store cruelty by checking out our landmark investigation "Little Shop of Sorrows."

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