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November 8, 2012

See the Video; Save the Lions!


Dear Friend,

Forty-six years ago, my parents starred in "Born Free." That iconic film, which tells the true story of how Elsa the lioness cub was rescued, rehabilitated and returned to the wild, captured two Academy Awards: for best original score and best original song.

John Barry's song endures as an inspirational call to live life to the fullest. If you can't hum "Born Free," ask around and you'll discover how popular it remains. Then I encourage you, and everyone else, to watch a video of the just-released new version of the song. It's by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and Broadway singer Kerry Ellis, and includes a few new phrases added by original lyricist Don Black.

The video's message, imparted through concisely written captions and striking images, is that the magnificent African lion's continued existence in the wild is under severe threat. They're being relentlessly hunted and poached for amusement and profit, and their wild population has plummeted perhaps 75 percent since "Born Free" premiered.

"Born Free" the film brought lion protection to our attention. "Born Free" the song keeps that compassionate spirit alive, and the song's new version — and its accompanying video — warn us that unless something drastic is done, African lions someday will no longer exist in the wild.

For the animals,

P.S. Find out more about African lions, and our campaign to have them listed as endangered on the Endangered Species Act, on our lions webpage. And to learn more about the impact of "Born Free" the film, get the "Elsa's Legacy" DVD from our online store.

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