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November 29, 2012


Write Now to Get Lions Protected Under ESA

Dear Friend,

You can help save lions. Today!

Last year, Born Free USA and a coalition of other animal protection groups petitioned the U.S. government to list the African lion as "endangered" under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. We've just learned that the U.S. government has released its "90-day finding" that declares our petition may be warranted, and is soliciting comments on the petition for the next 60 days.

Please contact the Fish and Wildlife Service right away in support of our petition to list the lion under the ESA. Here's how.

When you submit your comments, please feel free to use our template letter. The more you can personalize the letter, the better. And please forward this e-mail to all your friends and family members who care about animals. Lions need all the help they can get!

The latest estimates are that fewer than 35,000 lions now exist in the wild in Africa, about a 50 percent drop in just a quarter-century. Shrinking habitat (one-fifth of what it once was), loss of prey and retaliatory killings by humans have decimated the population. But one of the biggest challenges to the species' survival may come from the United States, the world's largest importer of lion trophies and lion parts. (Learn more about lions' plight here.)

That is why listing the African lion as "endangered" is so crucial. I implore you to help make that happen, and thank you in advance for your support.

For the lions,


P.S. Recently we asked you to phone a New York restaurateur and demand that he stop selling lion burgers. Thanks in large measure to your calls, Dave Kahn has removed the vile item from his menu. Thank you for helping lions!

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