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RELIEF! Born Free Fund Helps Trap-Mutilated Dog

Meet our Trapping Victims Fund's newest beneficiary: Tréa, a young black Labrador from Princeton, MN, who late last year was partially mutilated by a snare trap. Born Free USA paid for hundreds of dollars' worth of initial veterinary expenses for Tréa. The trap's wire had brutally cut into her nose, through the roof of her mouth and embedded into her tongue. Compounding the horror, she broke some of her teeth off trying to chew through the wire. Tréa, a stray, is now doing great with her foster family. Read more about our efforts to help trapping victims, and add your support so we can help others.

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STYLIN': Cash, Other Prizes at Stake in fffashion

Born Free USA is excited to announce our fifth annual Fur Free Fashion Competition, a.k.a. fffashion! We are looking for up-and-coming designers to enter their fur free fashions for a chance to win cash prizes, boost their fashion careers, and help promote the ethical and environmental benefits of forgoing fur fashion. Have your designs reviewed by the designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress, Elizabeth Emanuel, and her fellow judges. How to enter? Visit our website. And remember, compassion is always in fashion!

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LEARN: Where to Buy Fur Free Clothing?

Are you interested in purchasing clothes only from stores that sell no fur? If so, have we got a resource for you! Check out our Fur Free Shopping webpages, which include a list of retailers in the United States and Canada who have committed in writing to a fur free policy, which signals they are socially responsible and care about animals. And to see how the compassionate fashion movement has gone global, stop by the International Fur Free Retailer Program's site, too.

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BRAVO! Netherlands to Phase Out Mink Fur Farms

Last month, the Netherlands Senate voted in favor of a ban on mink fur farming. Today, some 6 million minks are slaughtered there for skins to peddle in the world's egregiously inhumane fur market. The Fur Free Alliance, a global network of animal welfare organizations that includes Born Free USA, welcomes the ban and hopes that other countries will follow, as it is a clear statement that animal suffering for fashion is no longer acceptable. Stay up-to-date on all things anti-fur by regularly visiting our Fur Free Retailer Facebook page.

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