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March 21, 2013

Please Help Feed Our Sanctuary's Feline Rescues


Dear Friend,

Last year we debuted Prairie's Fund, to help us feed the dozens of feral felines people have dropped off (uninvited!) here over the years. Although feeding cats is not our core mission at the sanctuary, we value all lives and these wonderful felines are as deserving of "rescue" as are our 630 primate residents.

Caring for the cats entails more than just food. When Born Free USA acquired the sanctuary property in 2007, considerable effort was made to sterilize all of the feral cats on the property and build a large, safe enclosure for them. It now encompasses approximately a quarter-acre and requires upkeep that includes adequate vegetation for play, shelter (such as small cat houses) for protection, and repairs.

Each and every day we provide fresh food, water and enrichment, and monitor the cats' well-being, intervening with medical care as needed.

When you give to Prairie's Fund, you help ensure that these innocent animals will live their lives to the fullest at our sanctuary, free from hunger and suffering. Thanks to you we met our 2012 annual goal of raising $5,000 but, as you know, costs everywhere continue to rise and we are setting a new goal of $8,000 for 2013. Will you help us reach our goal again this year?

Thank you very much for your support.

For the primates and our cats,


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