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April 9, 2013

Tell State Legislators to End Cruel Shark Finning


Dear Friend,

Help reduce the tens of millions of sharks who needlessly die every year by contacting your Assembly member and senator in New York today and urging them to support Assembly Bill 1769a or Senate Bill 1711a, which prohibit the possession, sale, offering for sale, trade or distribution of shark fins.

With the passage of this humane legislation, New York will be on the forefront of expanding the protections recently adopted on the West Coast (in California, Washington and Oregon), in Hawaii and in all three Pacific U.S. territories. While these and federal laws can help mitigate the dire effects of shark finning practices, more states, especially on the Eastern Seaboard, need to implement similar policies.

A vital part of the ocean ecosystem, sharks contribute to the protection of countless other species. The gruesome practice of chopping the dorsal fins off live sharks, allowing the sharks to sink to the bottom of the ocean where they will bleed to death, has become a serious threat to sharks worldwide. Each year, more than 70 million sharks are killed through this horrific practice.

Please encourage your Assembly member and senator to support this humane legislation and make New York a leader in compassionate wildlife conservation.

For the animals,


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