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April 11, 2013

Canadian Campaigner Takes on Compassionate Conservation


Dear Friend,

While so many of Born Free's high-profile and vital animal protection and wildlife conservation issues involve work saving monkeys in Texas or lions in Ethiopia, we also are extremely active in Canada as leaders in animal issues.

I am personally dealing at present with opposing a planned cormorant cull at Middle Island, Ontario; opposing a proposed deer cull in British Columbia; and closely monitoring the frustratingly delayed transfer of three elephants from deplorable conditions at the Toronto Zoo to a spacious sanctuary in California.

I write about such issues in my Born Free blog, and encourage you to sign up for an RSS feed. (Click the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of that blog page.) For a broader look at Canada's wildlife and the many challenges they face, check out our Canadian Projects web section.

Do you have friends or family in Canada, or know people who enjoy venturing "north of the border"? Please share this e-mail with them! The more we all learn about wildlife issues, at home and abroad, the better chance we will have to be able to effect positive change.

For the animals,


P.S. Your generous donations help us continue our work for wildlife in Canada and elsewhere. Thank you.

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