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May 2, 2013

Please Help Us Save a Cherished Species


Dear Friend,

Lions are being ruthlessly destroyed in Africa, where their wild population has plummeted more than 50 percent in the past quarter-century. Poaching, revenge killing and trophy hunting, coupled with habitat loss, conspire to make this a major conservation crisis.

Africa without lions? Extinction a real possibility? I can scarcely believe what I'm writing. But the species is on the brink of destruction. Could this be the lion's last roar?

We feature Elsa the lioness on our logo. The true story of her journey to freedom (chronicled in the film "Born Free," in which I appeared with my husband, Bill Travers) inspires everything we do to help animals in need. We must take major action. We must save Africa's lions.

By contributing financially to Born Free USA you can help save lions. Your donation:

  • Funds anti-poaching patrols to protect wild lions.
  • Rescues captive lions from deprived lives.
  • Campaigns to put a stop to trophy hunting.
  • Builds lion-proof bomas and reduce human-lion conflict.
  • Provides care for rescued lions.

It's a simple choice. Either we protect lions and we keep them, or we do nothing and we lose them. I know where I stand. Please help us build a future for Africa's lions. We can't stand by while the symbol of Born Free is destroyed.

For the lions,


P.S. Find out more about what Born Free USA does for lions by visiting our Lions webpage.

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