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May 16, 2013

Extinction Looms as Fewer Than 500 Are Left


Dear Friend:

Born Free USA is on the front lines fighting for endangered species. Thanks to the Shumaker Family Foundation, we are able to continue our support of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme for a second year!

The Ethiopian wolf is found in only a handful of pockets in the afroalpine region of Ethiopia. With fewer than 500 wolves remaining, they are in serious danger of extinction. The populations have been decimated by habitat destruction, often due to livestock farming and human encroachment, and ravaged by canine distemper and rabies outbreaks.

But good news is on the horizon. EWCP monitors the wolf populations, and last year it reported a high number of births — and even more importantly the majority of the pups have successfully made it to sub-adult status! The wolf team also provides vaccinations to domestic dogs in areas surrounding the wolf packs' habitats and works with the community to raise appreciation for the native wolves and conservation. Both children and adults celebrate the Ethiopian wolf on the annual Wolf Day and promote the importance of rabies vaccinations on World Rabies Day with parades, theatrical and sporting events and in-school programs.

This multifaceted approach to saving this beautiful species is the key to its long-term survival. We have a long way to go to get this critical project fully funded, and we need you on the Wolf Team! Will you join us by making a gift today to the Ethiopian wolves? Your contribution will help purchase vaccines and veterinary care, support Wolf Ambassadors in the field and provide resources for community education activities.

For the wolves,


P.S. Ethiopian wolves represent just one of our many Global Field Projects. Learn more about them here.

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