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June 5, 2013


Dear Friend:

Please help make Michigan a safer place for animals and humans by calling your state representative today and urging him or her to vote for HB 4300 to restrict private possession of non-human primates! This important legislation, introduced by Representative Andrew Kandrevas (D-Trenton), is up for a vote on Thursday in the Assembly.

As you know, keeping non-human primates as pets is both cruel and hazardous. Primates are often acquired as infants and as they grow they become nearly impossible to manage. As a result, many languish in cages for the rest of their lives, receiving no exercise or socialization.

Furthermore, primates are dangerous. Adult primates have incredible strength and may become aggressive as they grow more mature in an environment that doesn't meet their needs. Prohibiting the private possession of primates prevents their suffering as well as human injury.

Please call your representative's today and encourage him or her to support HB 4300!

To find your representative go here:

For the animals,


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