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Photo Ops in Mexico, Wolves in the US, and More

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ACT: Stop Using Live Animals As Props!

The Mexican government continues to turn a blind eye to the inhumane use of wild animals in photo opportunities for tourists in Mexico. Born Free USA is appalled at the blatant exploitation of wildlife, involving young lions, tigers or jaguars, purely for human entertainment.  The cruelty runs deeper when these animals are captured, sometimes declawed, chained, and even drugged to allow a simple photo shoot with passing travelers. Sign our petition now.

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ACT: Wolf Recovery in Jeopardy

The Obama Administration is dangerously proposing to delist the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act in the lower 48 states. Born Free USA is already suing to reverse a similar decision for the Great Lakes region. Gray wolves are still recovering across the US from historical unregulated killing, poisoning, trapping and sport hunting. Speak up now and urge the Fish and Wildlife Service to reverse course on its proposal to delist the wolf.

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LEARN! Bieber's a Buffoon

Justin Bieber is no stranger to publicity, including for his unsavory decisions.  Despite your vocal opposition, Mally the baby capuchin Bieber received as a birthday gift and then had confiscated in Germany has been transferred to a German zoo instead of a sanctuary.  Shameful!

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WIN: Born Free-dom Wildlife Auction

Don't forget to check out the items for Born Free USA's big online wildlife auction starting June 25. Artist Camilla d'Errico has donated two signed prints to our auction this year. Magical and beautiful. All of the proceeds raised from the auction benefit Born Free USA's life-saving work to help wildlife everywhere. It's a win-win for the animals... and you!

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