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July 12, 2013

Help Get Anti-Trapping Legislation Across the Finish Line!


Dear Friend:

Trapping is an outdated and inhumane practice, but luckily the California state legislature has passed a bill to improve euthanasia practices for trapped animals! We have an opportunity to advocate for wildlife and tell the governor to uphold the legislature’s decision and sign this important law.

AB 789 (Williams, D-Santa Barbara) will greatly curtail legal euthanasia methods. When enacted it will ban the most inhumane practices, which include drowning, chest-crushing, and injection with chemical solvents such as nail polish remover. The bill also reduces the allowable size of Conibear traps (or "kill traps") from 10 inches to 6 inches on land and requires the use of warning signs where these traps are used on lands open to the public to reduce the danger to family pets. Traps are indiscriminate, so many non-targeted animals die as "collateral damage," including endangered species and family pets. Human injuries have also been known to occur.

All compassionate Californians should urge Governor Brown to sign this crucial bill without delay. We are so close to making a difference for the magnificent wildlife of this state!

For the animals,


P.S. Check out Born Free USA's online database of trapping incidents to see the trapping tragedies that have occurred in California. Even one unintended death is too many — make your voice heard today!

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