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July 12, 2013

Oppose Harmful Beaver Trapping Legislation


Dear Friend:

There is an appalling bill moving quickly through the New Jersey legislature that would expand trapping opportunities and put countless animals at risk. S2665 threatens to remove the statutory 200 permit limit for trapping beavers. It is already permissible to kill 1,000 beavers every year, which is half of New Jersey's entire beaver population! An increase in legal trapping limits is unnecessary and threatens to decimate beaver numbers in the state.

Trapping is an outdated and inhumane practice that causes needless suffering and distress to individual animals, while also killing members of threatened or endangered species. Animals caught in barbaric body-gripping Conibear traps and drowning sets suffer immensely from their injuries, long periods of distress, and ultimately a sad death. Traps are indiscriminate, so many non-targeted animals die as “collateral damage,” including family pets. Human injuries have also occurred.

We have a chance to stop this legislation, but we must act quickly because it has already passed the Assembly. Please contact your State Senator today and urge her or him to reject S2665!

For the animals,


P.S. Check out Born Free USA's online database of trapping incidents to see the trapping tragedies that have occurred in New Jersey. Even one unintended death is too many — make your voice heard today!

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