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July 18, 2013

Our Animals Need a Virtual Farmer's Market


Dear Friend:

Are you sweltering this week, too? The drought at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary continues but our monkey residents keep cool by swimming in their ponds and napping in the shade of the mesquite trees.

The animals' dedicated caregivers work extra hard this time of year to provide good food in this heat and to keep water sources fresh and clean. And you can help!

In the summer, we normally have to spend more money on fresh produce and dry feed to keep the monkeys happy and healthy — but the ongoing drought has severely reduced the amount of low-cost produce available to us and prices have continued to rise. To get us through the next month of the hottest, driest time of year, we need to purchase 500 cases of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We need your help! Will you buy a box and participate in our virtual farmer's market?

  • $15 buys a box of bananas
  • $20 buys a box of corn (see the video)
  • $50 buys 2 boxes of avocados
  • $100 feeds the entire 50-acre snow monkey troop for one day

Our Sanctuary residents depend on you! Bananas, corn, avocados... it's just that easy to make these animal's lives happy and complete. Please help today.

For the primates,


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