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ACT: Spare Animals from Being Cruelly Poisoned

Wild animals should not be subjected to chemical warfare. Newly proposed federal legislation would ban two toxic substances used primarily by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to kill predators such as coyotes and foxes at the behest of ranchers. The poisons' "collateral damage," however, can include non-target animals such as birds of prey, bears, wolves, ocelots, domestic dogs or even humans. The Compound 1080 and Sodium Cyanide Elimination Act, introduced by Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR), would ban livestock protection collars containing Compound 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) and M-44s (spring-loaded capsules containing sodium cyanide). Animals who come in contact with these horrific chemicals suffer immense pain, convulsions and heart seizures. Write your congressional representative today to voice support for H.R. 5643.

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LEARN: Can't We All Get Along? Yes We Can, and Here’s How

The Compound 1080 and Sodium Cyanide Elimination Act (see above) would not be necessary were humans to embrace a more compassionate approach to sharing the planet. Each year, in response to actual or perceived conflicts with wildlife, people indefensibly kill "offending" animals. In addition to being inhumane, murderous control efforts generally fail as they don't address the root causes of conflicts or provide long-lasting solutions. Born Free USA's "Coexisting with Wildlife" campaign promotes educated coexistence with our wild neighbors. Check out our brochures about coyotes, deer, beavers and other wildlife — or better yet order a bunch to share with family, friends and neighbors who can help make Earth a safe home for all its creatures.

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SHOP: Make a Note: O’BON Pencils, Notebook Sales Boost Born Free

Pencil barrels made from 100 percent recycled newspaper, notebooks crafted out of recycled card stock, paper composed of sugar cane-based bagasse — O'BON is an innovative office- and school-supply company that has a strong commitment to the environment and animals. Its Wildlife, Bird and O'BONanza lines contain products that are sure to please any creature-loving officemate or student. When you shop O'BON, be sure to enter "BFUSA" in the coupon section during online checkout, so that 10 percent of the purchase price (minus taxes and shipping) will be given to Born Free USA.

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