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Let Bears Be Bears, Michigan and Nevada!

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ACT: Michigan Momma Bear on Death Row?

Michigan's Department of Natural Resources and Environment has issued an order to trap and kill a bear who attacked a bow-hunter perched in a tree stand, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries. This state-sanctioned "vengeance" was authorized despite the fact that the human victim reportedly still reeked from a family barbecue he'd attended that afternoon. More importantly, the bear probably thought she was protecting her cubs, who had ventured up the tree stand's ladder to investigate the enticing odors. Chad Fortune, 21, survived this wild encounter, but Born Free USA believes that momma bear should be pardoned. Encourage Michigan officials to retract their trap-and-kill order by writing to them today.

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ACT: How Many Bears Will Be Shot in Nevada?

As few as 200 black bears inhabit the Carson Range on beautiful Lake Tahoe's eastern shore. And yet now, for the first time in state history, Nevada is on the verge of allowing bear hunting — in both the spring and the fall, no less. Hunters say they have everyone's best interests at heart: Their gunfire not only will help protect people in the popular tourist destination, the hunters contend, but also will scare the surviving bears into staying away from humans. The sad truth is hunters want to shoot and bag a trophy. That's not real conservation. Moreover, this same bear population has been targeted by bear poachers looking for gallbladders to sell. The Nevada Wildlife Commission has given its staff members until Dec. 3 to write regulations that would legalize bear hunting. Please let Nevada officials know you oppose the idea—based on both compassion and conservation.

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LEARN: Help Born Free Help Bears Worldwide By Giving Today

Bear gall bladders and bear bile are used in Asia and Asian communities in the United States to create medicines, luxury cosmetic items and toiletries — for which effective herbal and synthetic substitutes abound. These bear parts are obtained through inhumane and illegal methods, including in the Lake Tahoe region, as referenced above. The trade in bear parts is a global problem, one that affects not only North American bears, but also the highly endangered Asiatic black bear and other imperiled bear species. Born Free USA is working hard to save bears worldwide by promoting trade bans and pushing legislation. Please consider making a donation today to help us in our efforts to let bears live naturally in the wild.

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VOTE: Listen Up, Everybody! It’s Body Shop Voting Time!

The Body Shop Foundation, a generous Born Free USA supporter with a proven commitment to animal welfare, is pitting us against two other organizations — one promoting human rights, the other environmental protection — in an in-store and online popularity vote. Through Monday, November 1st, people in both the United States and Canada can cast their ballots for whichever organization they want to receive the grand prize of $10,000. No purchase is necessary. If we win in both countries, that means a total of $20,000 for Born Free. Please take a few seconds to vote for us in both the United States and Canada, and enlist everyone you know to do the same. At last check we were running second both north and south of the border. Help put us over the top!

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