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It's Time To Celebrate Our Feathered Friends

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LEARN: National Bird Day 2011 Poised To Take Flight

National Bird Day 2011As far as we’re concerned, the exploitation of exotic birds won’t fly. Every Jan. 5, Born Free USA teams up with the Avian Welfare Coalition to celebrate National Bird Day. We call on activists around the United States to take action on behalf of captive birds — to discourage their sale in stores, to improve standards of care for birds who can’t be returned to the wild, to stop the smuggling and international trade in wild birds, and to do whatever else can be done to leave birds alone, in the wild where they belong.  Our National Bird Day website gives you the tools to help raise public awareness of birds and the many challenges they face, including the possible extinction of one-third of parrot species. We tell you how to get involved, alert you to special Bird Day events, suggest several fun activities for people of all ages, and even challenge you to identify bird calls!  Birds give us all so much pleasure; let’s return the favor, shall we?

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ADMIRE: Share Our Passion for Fur-Free Fashion

fffashion photo galleryBorn Free USA rolled out the red carpet for guilt-free clothing when we co-hosted fffashion L.A., a celebrity-infused fashion show spotlighting the latest and greatest in fur-free attire. Our just-posted photo gallery suggests that not only did everyone look fabulous, but they had fun, too! We are deeply committed to promoting the idea that you don’t need to compromise your ethics when you get all gussied up. Wearing fur’s not cool, it’s cruel, and with our annual fffashion fur-free design competition gaining steam and last month’s show under our (leather-free, naturally) belts, we continue to show that compassion is always in fashion!

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2 VICTORIES! Together, We Are Making a Difference

1. With the welfare of birds much on our minds these days (see the top item), we were especially pleased to learn last week that the maker of Avitrol — a poison widely used to exterminate pigeons, but which poses dangers to children, companion animals and other wildlife — is shutting down. At Born Free USA we have worked hard to eliminate the use of this poison in communities around  the country and to garner stricter controls on its use nationwide. (New York and San Francisco already have banned Avitrol.)

2. Meanwhile, thanks in large part to our work north of the border, the Canadian government has doubled fines for the illegal transport of “downer” farm animals. Your support makes these and many other such victories possible. Thank you!

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SHOP: Free Vegan Boots from EcoStiletto? Heel Yes!

EcoStiletto promotionThink eco-style’s expensive? Not if it’s free!  EcoStiletto is giving away two pairs of ridiculously hot vegan boots to free newsletter subscribers this month. Sign up now 

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