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November 17, 2010

Take Action!

Don’t Let State Game Refuges Be Overrun by Hunters!

Dear Friend,

Once again, California’s wild animals are being attacked by the very entity that should be protecting them.

The California Department of Fish and Game is proposing to remove the “refuge” status from 19 of our 21 state game refuges so that hunting will be allowed. It contends that the sole purpose for creating these refuges was to foster an abundance of deer for the hunters to then kill in response to declining game animals. In theory, the deer would flourish in the refuges and then wander outside the refuge boundaries so that the hunters could then shoot them. However, the deer are just not cooperating.

And it’s not just the animals who will suffer if these refuges are opened to hunters. It stands to reason that when an influx of hunters move in, non-consumptive participants (hikers, bikers, photographers, bird watchers, etc.) will lose their safe haven and be forced out.

California’s refuges are here for everyone to enjoy, not just the hunters, and to protect the survival of our native plants, animals and their habitats. Please e-mail the Department of Fish and Game today! 

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