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November 18th, 2010

A Thanksgiving Message from Dr. Jane Goodall

Dear Friend,

Dr. Jane Goodall, perhaps the most famous, recognizable and influential name in primate protection, recently sent a personal note to Born Free USA Chief Executive Officer Will Travers and our friends and supporters about our work in Dilley, Texas, caring for 500 primates in need at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

Caring for each primate that has been rescued — often from a life of misery — is very important,” said Goodall. “It is also costly. Born Free desperately needs support in order to provide these primates with the kind of lives they need — and deserve.”

Jane is right. They deserve the best we can provide. We take great care in feeding our resident macaques, baboons and vervets a nutritious diet every day. Perhaps next week, while you are enjoying your own holiday feast with family and friends, you could help ensure that Mig, Joey, Grinch and all our resident monkeys will have a wonderful meal as well. Will you help feed the primates on Thanksgiving Day?

It costs $330 daily to feed all the sanctuary’s animals — that’s about 66 cents for each rescued primate.  The grocery list includes fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts and specialized primate “biscuits” to round out their unique nutritional needs.  So, how about providing a well-deserved treat to our retirees? Go Nuts! Go Bananas! Your donation of $15 will buy a box of bananas; for $25 you can sponsor a bag of nuts.

Or, you can qualify for a Huge Thank You by participating in Make It Your Day! For $330, you can specify any day of the year at the sanctuary as Make It Your Day! — when “you buy for the house.” And to show our (and the monkeys’) appreciation, we’ll send you a beautiful proclamation and photograph.

On behalf of the entire sanctuary staff and all the monkeys we care for tirelessly each day, I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Until next time …


 P.S. Jane Goodall is such an example to us all about how we should treat non-human primates with compassion. No wonder she’s a United Nations Messenger of Peace!

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