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Dear Friend,

Thank you for saving captive dolphins and enabling their freedom in natural ocean homes. Thank you for helping to expose the barbaric cruelty of wildlife trapping and fur farms. Thank you for beating back attempts to reopen global trade in elephant ivory. Thank you for ensuring that all rescued animals at Born Free USA’s Primate Sanctuary experience a peaceful retirement.

Through your compassion and generosity, Born Free USA was able to fulfill our humane mission and caring campaigns again this year. But so much work remains.


The challenges in 2011 will be significant, and we hope you will make an extra effort at this festive time of year to support our work once more. Together, we can continue to save lives and make a difference for animals in desperate need.


Holidays are about family – we are looking forward to celebrating them with our loved ones, but we also are thrilled that we can include you as part of the Born Free USA family! You have been such a key partner in our life-saving work throughout the year and have given us the inspiration and optimism to battle on.


Thank you for your support and warmest wishes for the holidays,


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