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Tell The Mirage that Dolphin Show’s a Bad Bet

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ACT: Dolphins Don’t Belong in the Desert!

The sad fact that animals still are used as props by the entertainment industry, more than 10 years into the 21st century, is a stain on our civilization. At Born Free USA, we work tirelessly to bring all such exploitations to an end. Join us in calling upon The Mirage in Las Vegas to shut down its deadly dolphin exhibit that is part of Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. What The Mirage would like to keep secret is that its dolphin habitat has a nearly 75 percent death rate, one of the worst in an exploitative industry that keeps orcas and dolphins captive for entertainment. Tell top officials at The Mirage and its corporate owner, MGM Resorts, that it’s time to send the dolphins back to the wild and to then drain the pool — forever. 

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VICTORY! Lion Tacos? Restaurateur Scraps a Cruel Idea

Earlier this month, we urged our team members in Arizona to tell a Tucson restaurant owner that lion tacos are a very bad idea. Bryan Mazon soon canceled his plans to offer them on his Feb. 16 menu at Boca Tacos y Tequila. The African lion faces a number of threats in the wild, including habitat loss, poisoning (retaliatory killing) and trophy hunting. Born Free USA has discovered an alarming number of examples of wild animal meat for sale across the United States. Furthermore, the lion meat trade in the United States is almost entirely unregulated.  We are grateful that in the Tucson case, at least, a cruel promotional gimmick failed.   

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SHOP: A One (and a Two!) on Valentine’s Day!

Who doesn’t appreciate a two-for-one special, especially for the day that specifically celebrates twosomes? From now through Feb. 14, 2011, adopt a monkey at our Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary and give yourself and your Valentine the gift of compassion: Choose from among Carly, Grinch, Joey, Khy, Mig and Shawshank for yourself, then select a second monkey for your loved one to adopt at no extra charge! That’s a $52 savings! We care for more than 500 macaques, vervets and baboons — many of them rescued from unsavory circumstances — at our 176-acre facility in Dilley, Texas, and to keep the sanctuary running smoothly we depend on the generosity of donors such as you. Adopt two for the price of one for Valentine’s Day, and we’ll love it!  

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