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February 17, 2011

Trapping: It Still Happens, and It’s Still Hideously Cruel

Dear Friend,

Born Free USA is proud to announce its new Trapping Victims Fund, and how already we have helped two animals victimized by traps: Dozer and Valiant.

Dozer, a dog from North Carolina, was caught by a trap in January on a neighboring property and suffered broken bones, puncture wounds in his leg, and had to have his tail amputated. “This happened very close to houses,” Dozer’s human “mom” told me, “and if children were walking in that area of the woods, they could easily have become a victim as well.”

Valiant (pictured at right, recovering), a cat from Maryland, was found dragging a leghold trap that had nearly severed his foot, and the veterinarian determined that the leg had to be amputated. “Either his leg would have fallen off,” the doctor said, “or the wounds could have become septic and killed him.”

As you probably know, our motto here at Born Free USA is Keep Wildlife in the Wild®. That means the animals should live naturally in their native environments. It also means they should be spared from human brutality of any kind, particularly the barbaric and ongoing cruelties imposed by trappers.

Body-gripping traps -- leghold traps, snares, and kill-type Conibears -- are the inhumane tools of the fur and wildlife damage-control trades. They are indiscriminate and cause indescribable suffering and death to millions of animals in the United States each year. Some are trapped for the fur industry. Others are trapped in the name of wildlife “management.” Still others are “incidental” animals accidentally caught, injured and often killed, who include cats, dogs and other household companions. They usually are tossed aside by trappers who label them as “trash.”

With the Trapping Victims Fund, Born Free USA is able to help cover the cost of veterinary care for individual animals impacted by cruel traps. Funds are available for specific and immediate emergency veterinary care for companion animals or wildlife impacted by traps and for specific costs associated with rehabilitating and releasing a wildlife trapping victim back into the wild.

Thanks to the swift action of their rescuers, Dozer and Valiant are recovering. With your support, we want to help even more animals like Dozer and Valiant — victims of the cruel trapping trade, many of whom can be found in our Nontarget Trapping Incidents database. If you would like to contribute to similar rescue efforts, please consider making a donation to our Trapping Victims Fund.

For more information about the program, please send us an e-mail.

In common cause, 


P.S. Our website has a wealth of information about trapping and the related fur industry. Check it out!

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