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Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute

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Last Day to Sign Our Dolphin Petition!

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SIGN: Mirage Should Close its Deadly Dolphin Pool

AA_031411_dolphins.jpgFrom sea to shining sea — and even in the Mojave Desert between — exotic animals are being exploited by the entertainment industry. Take, for example, Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage resort in Las Vegas. There, in a throwback to the unenlightened days of “Flipper” and the enduring exploitation of sea creatures at Sea World and other marine amusement parks, dolphins have a nearly 75 percent death rate. At Born Free USA, we work tirelessly to bring all such exhibits to an end. Please sign our petition that calls upon The Mirage to shut down its deadly dolphin exhibit and keep animals out of the pool forever. Help us reach our goal of at least 4,000 signatures—we’re within 130 signatures, and today’s the last day! 

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ACT: Don’t Let Sea World Keep its Deadly Little Secrets

AA_031411_seaworld.jpgWhen Sea World Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed last year by Tilicum, the 12,300-pound resident orca, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an investigation and cited Sea World for the willful act of knowingly placing its employees at risk.  Sea World is contesting the OSHA findings and has requested a hearing in April — and is asking that the hearing be closed to the public so that records of the case can be sealed.  It seems clear that Sea World wants to keep ugly truths from getting out and being used against it, regardless of the cost to orcas or their trainers. Please send a letter to U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis asking her to intervene with an executive order to make the hearing, and Sea World’s way of doing business, open to the public.

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CONTRIBUTE: Investigation Shows Trapping’s Horrors

[object Object]Last week, Born Free USA unveiled “Victims of Vanity,” an undercover investigation (with British organization Respect for Animals) of the hideously cruel fur trapping industry. We blew the lid off this gruesome business with heart-breaking photographs and videos from the killing fields of rural Pennsylvania and New Mexico. If you haven’t yet checked out our investigation’s findings, and don’t mind graphic imagery — we’ll completely understand if you don’t; this is brutal stuff — please do so and consider channeling some of your indignation about this barbaric industry into our anti-trapping legislative efforts. And you can make a positive, tangible difference for trapped animals by donating to Born Free USA’s Trapping Victims Fund.  

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DESIGN: One Month Left to Enter fffashion Contest

[object Object]Fur isn’t fashionable — not now, not ever again. We know you agree. And if you’re a design student or independent designer, you have an excellent chance to spread the good word by entering our third annual fffashion: Fur Free Fashion Design Competition. You could win one of three cash prizes and a chance for your design to be featured in E Magazine, the nation's leading environmental news magazine. Entries will be judged by a panel of celebrities, including Julia Barr, longtime star of “All My Children”; Rachelle Carson-Begley of “Living with Ed”; Princess Diana wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel; and Kristin Bauer of “True Blood.” Put your compassionate eco-savvy talent to the test by filling out an entry form and submitting a photo of one of your fully constructed fur free fashions. The deadline is only a month away, on April 15, 2011. And remember, compassion is always in fashion!

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