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Four Ways to Enhance Your Companion’s Life

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NEW: Find a Compassionate Store with Your Handheld!

PetSupply_1_033111.jpgFor compassionate shoppers on the go, our Pet Supply Locator keeps your consumer conscience clean — and it’s now specially formatted for your handheld devices! On vacation in a new town with your companion and running low on food? It's no problem to still shop with compassion. Easily access a database of more than 500 stores nationwide that refuse to sell live animals so you can confidently support retailers that don’t treat animals like merchandise. And there's nothing to download and you don't have do anything extra. Just access the Pet Supply Locator from your handheld device and the mobile version automatically loads. We’re constantly expanding the database thanks to submissions from conscientious shoppers such as you. Please continue to let us know about your favorite animal-oriented store by clicking on our “Suggest a Store” tab. Go one step further and “Find out What’s Really in Pet Food." And for you proud parents out there, post a picture of your favorite furball on our “Happy Pets Gallery”! (Make sure you tell your friends and family about our Pet Supply Locator, and if you need help explaining why they should look for stores that don't sell live animals, we've put together a list of reasons).

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ENGAGE: Let’s Stop Live-Animal Sales at Swap Meets

PetSupply_2_033111.jpgAs the weather warms and days brighten, swap meets and flea markets lure many of us in search of fresh air and bargains. The convivial outdoor ambience darkens, however, when live animals are offered for sale or barter. Caged and in many instances poorly fed, abused and/or neglected, these unfortunate amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles suffer enormously and pose risks to human health and safety. Born Free USA is dedicated to ending these types of sales. Our video, “No Bargain for the Animals: Swap Meets and Flea Markets,” illustrates some of the deplorable conditions under which critters are sold. Watch the video and you’ll become inspired to help ban the sale of live animals at flea markets and swamp meets. You then can direct your local or state legislators to our model legislation and, before long, you’ll have made a positive difference!

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SHOP: Scratch Lounge Gives Cats Some Nail Bonding

PetSupply_3_033111.jpgDo you pamper your cat? Are you doing all you can to make her happy? There’s always more that you can do — at least in the cat’s opinion! Which suggests you may want to try the “scratch-tastic” Scratch Lounge, a guaranteed ticket to kitty paradise. Its three-sided, one-of-a-kind, patented design lets our feline friends claw and rake to their hearts’ content. Scratch Lounges, with their super-dense honeycomb construction, last longer than conventional scratch pads and are reversible. They’re also 100 percent recyclable and, moreover, $5 of your $25 purchase goes directly to Born Free USA! Use our dedicated online link to order today!  

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SEE: Follow Our Trapping Investigation on YouTube

PetSupply_4_033111.jpgBorn Free USA earlier this month unveiled its landmark undercover investigation into the cruel and barbaric world of recreational and professional trapping for the fur industry. Since we announced “Victims of Vanity” and shared online its accompanying photo galleries, investigator notes and tips on how you can get involved in the anti-fur movement, each week we have released a trapping video on YouTube. The most recent includes footage of a non-targeted cat having been fatally trapped. Our household companions mean so much to us — how can we let this kind of thing happen? Please become engaged in whatever way you can against the trapping industry, and help us in our efforts by making a one-time donation or — for free! — subscribing to our YouTube site.  

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