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Yellowstone, Where the Buffalo Should Roam

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ACT: Tell Park’s Caretaker to Set 660-Plus Bison Free!

AA_041411_bison.jpgAmerican buffalo, icons of the Wild West, are being persecuted in Yellowstone National Park. More than 660 bison are being held in pens by park management, some with the possibility of being slaughtered. The reason given for this atrocity is that wild bison “could” transmit the disease brucellosis to cattle, even though there have been no documented cases of this ever happening. Please contact Yellowstone’s newly appointed superintendent, Daniel Wenk, and ask him to stop putting ranchers’ needs ahead of the wild bison — animals he has been entrusted to protect! — and urge him to immediately set the penned bison free.

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PROTECT: Introducing the No-One-Gets-Hurt Beaver Deceiver!

AA_041411_beaver.jpgBeavers fell trees and make dams. If they do so near homes, buildings or roadways, there can be conflicts. Luckily, there is a peaceful solution: the do-it-yourself Beaver Deceiver! Born Free USA is proud to help promote this easy, humane project that won’t take much of your time and won’t take much of your money, but will make a whole lot of positive difference when it comes to our coexisting with wildlife. Take a look at our Beaver Deceiver pamphlet and e-mail us if you have further questions on what you can do to minimize conflicts between beavers and property owners.

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GREEN: Join Us in Nourishing Earth — for the Animals’ Sake

AA_041411_earth.jpgEarth is home to the animals we protect. Trees are places were monkeys raise their families; they are shade for lions on the savannah. Critical seasonal rains form oases where elephants rehydrate after long journeys. The oceans are where dolphins play. We must protect these habitats, for it is not only about clean air, clean water and saving trees by using recycled paper. It is about someone’s home, a nursery, a playground. The Earth is life for animals. Please make a donation to Born Free USA. We protect animals and we also protect their habitats so they can live happy and be free.  

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SHOP: Go Green with Vegetarian Site and 41 Pounds!

AA_041411_shop.jpgThe Vegetarian Site loves animals! For the month of April, 10 percent of all its sales are being donated to Born Free USA. Find fantastic vegetarian and vegan products at the Vegetarian Site and help us Keep Wildlife in the Wild ®! And while you’re in go-greener mode, consider checking out our corporate partner 41 Pounds.  This pioneering company is dedicated to sparing you and the environment from all the junk mail that stuffs your mailbox and destroys millions of trees — and requires billions of gallons of water and enormous amounts of energy to produce and distribute. With each $41, five-year subscription, 41 Pounds will reduce your junk mail and catalogs by up to 95 percent and donate $15 to Born Free USA for each new sign-up.  

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