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May 11, 2011

Ask Government Leaders To Allow Rescue Groups Access


Dear Friend,

My mother is Japanese and I grew up in Japan. My relatives and friends were personally affected by the record-breaking earthquake, subsequent tsunami and radiation leak.

While the Japanese government is scrambling to take care of its people and trying to get the crippled country back on its feet in the wake of the triple disaster, the animals left behind in the Fukushima evacuation zone are silently enduring unspeakable suffering.

I’m in touch with veterinarians and various animal groups in Japan. They tell me, and media reports verify, that farmed animals (cows, horses, pigs and chickens) as well as companion animals (dogs and cats) are left to fend for themselves without water, food or basic life-sustaining necessities — often tied, chained or otherwise confined. They are suffering slow, painful deaths due to starvation, dehydration and radiation exposure.

The Japanese government has put into place a strict order to keep people out of the evacuation zone, and now the animals have no chance of survival until the government lifts this ban. The animals' caretakers and rescue organizations (including local Japanese animal groups) are all desperately trying to get the government to allow them access to the suffering animals, but the government has not been open to discussion to this point.

Japanese animal welfare groups, as well as organizations from the United States that are in Japan to assist, are ready to move in at a moment’s notice to rescue these animals. There is absolutely no time to waste. Please respectfully ask Japan's prime minister and environmental minister to allow immediate access to the rescue groups and animal guardians to help aid these animals.

Giving animals a voice,


P.S. We know how important it is to be able to rescue animals in need, rehabilitate them and provide lifetime care. Whether it’s lions in Ethiopia or primates in Texas, we want to make it happen. Contribute to Born Free USA's animal rescue fund and you will save lives.

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