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May 26, 2011

If It Doesn't Sell Animals, It's Already a Winner!


Dear Friend,

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have household companions such as dogs and cats — I have some of each, plus chickens, all rescued — want to do right by them. We shop for the best food, playthings and various whatnots that enrich their lives.

And in doing that shopping, we should strive to support stores that do not sell live animals. Puppies, kittens and birds in small cages might at first glance be enticing, but upon even momentary reflection you can imagine how restrictive and possibly neglected these animals’ lives are in the store.

Which brings me to some really exciting news! Does your favorite pet supply store not sell animals? And does it have other traits that make it especially good for you and your household companions? If so, please then nominate it for Born Free USA's Compassionate Pet Store of the Year award! (Just click on the ribbon image above!) The only criteria are that the store cannot sell live animals of any kind, including birds, reptiles or fish, and must be a brick-and-mortar store (not just an online shopping site).

Nominations for the Compassionate Pet Store of the Year award are due by June 30. We will sift through the nominations and present finalists for you to vote on. Two stores — the top vote-getter, plus our staff-chosen favorite — will receive a certificate of recognition, press outreach to their local media, announcement on the Pet Supply Locator and Born Free USA websites, messaging to Born Free USA supporters in our e-newsletter and Facebook pages, and a free ad on the Pet Supply Locator for six months.

To nominate your favorite store, simply visit our Pet Supply Locater website and click on the blue medal next to your favorite store’s listing. If the store is not there, then please send us the details and we will add it to the list!

As we all know, voting with our shopping dollars is one of the strongest ways to send a message. So help us send a message that running a compassionate store is a good business model by nominating your favorite shop for our Compassionate Pet Store of the Year award!

Giving animals a voice,


P.S. With our Pet Supply Locator, you can find a compassionate store by simply entering a ZIP code or city name. Earlier this spring, we launched a version that caters to handheld devices such as your Internet-surfing cell phone.

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