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June 17, 2011


Information, Auction, Photo Contest and More!

Dear Friend,

At Born Free USA, we work tirelessly to protect wildlife in their natural habitats. Every year, we put a special emphasis on our mission by organizing Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week.

This year's K3W — our in-house handle for the week, one that's convenient for texting and tweeting, if you want to spread the word among friends! — is our third and runs next Monday through Friday. We have several exciting things planned, including:

  • An online auction that includes more than a dozen unique items, among them an eco-adventure in Costa Rica, a yellow jersey worn in the Tour de France by Lance Armstrong, and a 10-minute phone call with Born Free Foundation founder and "Born Free" film star Virginia McKenna. (Who, I shall always be enormously proud to point out, is my mum!)
  • A wildlife photo contest, open to friends of Born Free USA. E-mail to us a picture you took of an animal or animals, wherever and whenever it was taken, that you are particularly proud of. (We even have a backyard wildlife category!) We will assemble our favorites, present them to you and other team members for a vote, and then send the winners binoculars or a photo printer. Entries must be received by July 9.
  • Action Alerts every weekday of next week, each featuring a Born Free USA campaign: International Wildlife Protection, Trapping/Fur, the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, Exotic "Pets" and Animals in Entertainment. We'll discuss the hot issues in each campaign, suggest how you can help, propose family activities and even include a celebrity quote or two.

For us, Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week is an exciting time of year. Not coincidentally, it includes summer solstice, when daylight is at its longest and outdoor activities are most inviting. Please join us as we shine more light on how wildlife need and deserve more protection in the wild — where they belong.

For the animals,

P.S. And don’t forget that Sunday is Father's Day. It’s not too late to give your dad a compassionate gift through Born Free USA!

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