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"I am asking you to help keep wildlife in the wild because that's where wild animals belong!" — Elizabeth Emanuel, international fashion designer; creator of Princess Diana’s wedding gown



ISSUE: Traps, Fur Farms Impose Senseless Misery, Death


Animals who are trapped and killed, or raised solely to be slaughtered on fur farms, are dying in vain. Shame on the vain people who produce or buy fur.

Earlier this year, Born Free USA completed "Victims of Vanity," a landmark undercover investigation into the hidden horrors of trapping. We exposed a barbaric and cruel industry in which trappers captured wild animals in snares and "teeth"-like traps,. Ensnared animals discovered alive may be killed by drowning or crushing them with a foot on the chest.

Many of these animals weren't even targeted or wanted by the trappers, who refer to them as "trash." When humans refer to other creatures that way, it says much more about the people than it does about their victims.

We published photographs and extensive investigator notes on our website and for three months posted a new, graphic video from the investigation on our YouTube page.

Sadly, trapping is not the world's largest source for "fur fashion." Globally, most pelts come from fur farms.

Few people could force an animal to live their entire life in a cramped, barren cage suspended over their own waste, but this is precisely the situation that exists for millions of animals. Fox, mink, and bobcats may be tightly confined to restrictive, coffin-like cages. Fur farmers in the United States and Canada are subject to ridiculously little oversight despite industry claims to the contrary.

Wild animals should not suffer on fur farms or in cruel traps. Please help Born Free USA as we use every tool at our disposal to protect animals from cruel traps and curb the inhumane fur trade.

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  • Follow Born Free USA's third annual Fur Free Fashion competition and our second annual fffashion L.A. fashion show. Compassion is always in fashion!
  • Patronize stores that do not sell real fur. To see what some of your options are nationally, visit our Consumers for a Fur Free Society. For an international listing of compassionate retailers, visit Fur Free Alliance, with which we are affiliated.
  • Check out Born Free USA's unprecedented Non-Target Trapping Incidents database, which allows you to search by state, year, species, type of trap and victim's disposition.
  • Do you know of a non-targeted trapping incident? Please tell us about it via our online form.
  • Warn your friends about the reality and danger of hidden traps, especially if they hike with their dogs.
  • Refrain from using lethal methods to deal with "nuisance" wildlife. Learn how with our Coexisting with Wildlife brochures and other educational materials.
  • Don't allow trappers to trap on your property. Instead, clearly post signs prohibiting trapping on your land and prosecute violators.
  • Urge your Congressional representative to support banning cruel traps within the National Wildlife Refuge system. Born Free USA is poised to have federal legislation introduced on that issue.
  • Find out some other ways you can take action against trapping.
  • Read Born Free USA's report "Cruelty Uncaged: A Review of Fur Farming in North America," which includes includes the "Dirty Dozen" worst fur farming states.
  • Family activity: Buy or make a bird feeder. With your children's help, find a good spot to hang it, and put the kids in charge of keeping the feeder full of birdseed. Also create a source of fresh water for the birds, and change that water daily.

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  • Check out our Plush Animal Collection! Adopt Redd the Fox and you will be supporting our efforts to stop the barbaric trapping industry and to educate consumers about the senseless and systematic violence behind so-called "fur fashion."
  • Participate in our Keep Wildlife in the Wild Auction. You might not be able to resist our Whimsical Fox Pin!
  • Celebrate fashion in a fabulous new way with a custom-made Chia hat. Austin, Texas, designer Chia Guillory uses only faux fur (of course!) and your choice of lining.
  • Contribute to our efforts in the field, which help protect wolves, parrots, dolphins and other embattled species.
  • Donate now! Help us in our campaigns to end trapping and the fur trade.

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