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VOTE! Pick the Most Compassionate Pet Supply Store 

Pets_vote_071411.jpgWhen you walk into a pet store for supplies and see live animals for sale, you think, "Oh no! I can do better than to shop here." Born Free USA wants pet supply stores to cater to animals, not sell them. That's why we have the Pet Supply Locater and this summer are conducting a Compassionate Pet Supply Store of the Year contest! The store cannot sell live animals of any kind, including birds, reptiles or fish, and must have a brick-and-mortar presence (not just an online store). Well, from you we received more than 150 nominations, and the hardest part was choosing only six finalists for our award. Now it's time to pick just one — and we're giving that job to you. Please choose a winner today!

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INVESTIGATE! Our Pet Shop Checklist Protects Animals

Pets_turtle_071411.jpgThe retail sale of live animals is a multimillion dollar industry; unfortunately, it is often the animals who really pay the price. Our Pet Shop Checklist was designed as a quick guide to help animal advocates identify and document problems in pet shops, aid in reporting substandard conditions to law enforcement authorities, and facilitate corrective action and routine inspections. Download our list today and start saving animals! Want to know more about the pet shop laws in your state? Check out our summary of state laws.

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ACT! Improve Your State’s Pet Shop Laws

Pets_caged_dog_071411.jpgJust because the conditions in pet stores that sell animals near you are cruel doesn’t mean they actually violate the law. Once you’ve checked out the laws in your state regarding pet shops, consider writing to your state or local representative to express the need for legislation that addresses the care and treatment of animals sold in pet shops. Born Free USA can help by providing model legislation. Want to know how we succeeded in California? Check out our California Pet Shop Law Guide.

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ENGAGE! Let’s Stop Live-Animal Sales at Swap Meets

Pets_caged_parrot_071411.jpgSwap meets and flea markets sound quaint and alluring, but when their vendors sell or barter live animals, they lose their appeal. Caged and in many instances poorly fed, abused and/or neglected, these unfortunate amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles suffer enormously and pose risks to human health and safety. Born Free USA is dedicated to ending these types of sales. Our video, “No Bargain for the Animals: Swap Meets and Flea Markets,” illustrates some of the deplorable conditions under which live animals are sold. Watch the video and you’ll become inspired to help ban the sale of live animals at flea markets and swamp meets. You then can direct your local or state legislators to our model legislation and, before long, you’ll have made a difference for animals in need.

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