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September 8, 2011

‘Monkey’ Emerges from Basement to Promise of Rich, New Life

Name That Baboon!


Dear Friend,

Last month we learned there was a 3-year-old male baboon being kept in a basement laundry room in Madison, WI. He needed a home.

We had a difficult decision to make. First, this was a young baboon whose canines had been removed and we would be committing to his care for the rest of his life, which could be 30 years or more. Second, we had no way of knowing for certain if he could be integrated with our 13 other adult baboons living in their 2.5-acre enclosure. Third, times have been financially challenging — could we afford to take on another mouth to feed?

No other legitimate sanctuary that housed baboons could be found to take him; if he was going to have an opportunity to spend his life with other baboons, we were his only hope. Saving animals in need is part of what we do and rescuing this individual exemplifies our commitment to Born Free USA's mission.

While the Dane County Humane Society made sure Monkey (yep, that's the baboon's name for the time being) was vaccinated and sterilized and made arrangements to drive him 24 hours down south, we modified one of our baboon lockout areas to accommodate a new resident who may have to spend a significant amount of time there before being released into the enclosure with the other baboons.

After working with adult baboons (and some very big boys at that) I was amazed at how small the youngster looked when he launched himself out of the transport crate into his new home. Small but very, very fast! The agile youngster ran through and around the enclosure as if he couldn't believe so much room could exist. After a while he settled down, climbed to the top of the safety area and just stared out over the sanctuary grounds, soaking in all the sights and sounds. (Watch the video!)

This young baboon is just beginning a new life filled with opportunities for exploration, discoveries and the well-being that comes with living as free as can be in the company of his own kind. With your help we'll continue to be here for other lives in need of respite from a sometimes cruel world. Please consider making a generous donation to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary today.

For the primates,


P.S. Monkey the baboon's got a new home, and to go with that he needs a new name! Please send us your suggestion of what he should be called, and why, by the end of the day Sunday. We'll then pick our favorite suggestions and present them to you for a vote we'll call Name That Baboon!

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