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ANNOUNCE: From the Runway to Your Closet: fffashion L.A. Auction

Auction_fffashion_100611.jpgLast week we reported that our fur free fashion show, fffashion L.A., was a sssmashing success. Now you can own a part of that compassionate fashion action! Starting Monday, Nov. 7, and through that week, Born Free USA will auction off some of the eco-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories donated for our fffashion L.A. show. This is an excellent opportunity to get great deals on stylish designer clothing and accessories and, at the same time, help Keep Wildlife in the Wild®. All proceeds will support Born Free USA's work to save the lives of fur-bearing animals everywhere. Check out what we will have up for bidding by visiting our auction site. (Are you a designer or own a boutique? It's not too late to donate fur free items. Just look for the "donate items" button on our auction site.)

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ACT: Bad News from Pennsylvania, But a Vow to Fight Harder

Auction_fox_100611.jpgIn a blow for innocent wildlife and responsible government, the Pennsylvania Game Commission on Tuesday made a unanimous decision to disregard a petition brought forth by Born Free USA to amend Pennsylvania's furbearer trapping regulations. The petition, inspired by our landmark undercover investigation into the cruel world of trapping for the fur industry, "Victims of Vanity," asked the commission to prohibit the use of body-gripping and Conibear traps on public land, and to prohibit the use of cable restraints ("snares") altogether. As our unique online database shows, traps indiscriminately maim and kill not just targeted animals, but also non-targeted wildlife and even household companions such as dogs and cats. We are very disappointed in the Pennsylvania commission's ruling, but we will continue our anti-trapping efforts with more vigor and determination than ever. There are many ways you can help, including — if you haven't done so already — by telling your congressional representative to co-sponsor the "Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act" (H.R. 2657).

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UPDATE: He's the New Kid on the Block, and He's Thriving!

Auction_Dane_100611.jpgDane, the 3-year-old baboon who was rescued from a basement in Wisconsin, continues to eat well and is very active running around his enclosure at his new home: The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. Our sanctuary's director, Tim Ajax, reports that Dane is intensely curious about the other baboons and watches their every move. He is now interacting with others besides Marvin, though Marvin continues to be his closest ally. It will probably be a long time before Ajax and his crew can let him out into the multi-acre enclosure with the other baboons, but his progress is encouraging. Keep posted on the latest news about Dane in our Primate Rescues web section, and consider helping him and all 500-plus other primates at our sanctuary by participating in our adoption program!

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SHOP: Tell Your Friends and Family to Shift Your Gift!

Auction_shift_100611.jpgAre you tired of receiving presents that you do not need, and have no way to return? Then maybe it's time for you to shift your gift to Born Free USA! Thanks to a new service called — as it so happens — Shift My Gift, you can arrange for the good-faith money being spent by your friends and family to go where you'd most like it go: to help protect animals. Setting up your own Shift My Gift occasion to benefit Born Free USA is easy: Just go here and follow instructions. Do so and we'll shift a whole lot of thanks back to you!

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