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October 19, 2011


Help Us Work Toward Banning Private Ownership of Exotics

Dear Friend,

The shocking news out of Ohio about how dozens of exotic animals — including lions, tigers, bears and wolves — escaped from a rural residence and have been hunted down by law enforcement officers is a stark reminder of what you already know: Wild animals belong in the wild, and never should be "owned" by any private individual.

It's too late to help those unfortunate animals near Zanesville. But there are things we can do to help prevent more such tragedies. Please join Born Free USA's efforts against private ownership of exotic animals by doing any or all of the following:

  • As soon as you can today, see MSNBC's report about the Ohio incident and vote "no" to the poll question posed beneath the article: "Should people be allowed to own wild animals?"
  • Learn about exotic animal incidents in your state by using our unique, comprehensive online database. Armed with such information, you could approach your local and state lawmakers and encourage them to pursue laws that ban private possession of exotics.
  • Ask your two U.S. senators to pass the "Captive Primate Safety Act," which prohibits interstate commerce in monkeys, apes and other primates in the exotic "pet" trade.
  • Consider making a donation to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, where we care for more than 500 macaques, vervets and baboons, many of whom were rescued from the restricted and deprived lives they were leading as household "pets."

Wildlife should never be "pets." Ever. I am grateful for your activism and support, and for doing all you can to spread the word.

For the animals,

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