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December 13, 2011

Illinois Rep. Quigley Calls for Official Designation of Jan. 5


Dear Friend,

We have yet another reason to celebrate on behalf of our feathered friends! Born Free USA has achieved an official proclamation of support for National Bird Day from Congressman Mike Quigley (D-Illinois)!

Quigley read the Born Free USA National Bird Day resolution into the Congressional Record (the official record of debates, proceedings and activities of Congress) on Monday.

"Designating a day to honor, educate and realize the importance birds play to our environmental health and well-being is an important action that I am proud to support," Quigley told us separately. "To this end, I'm honored to promote conservation and public awareness efforts by standing with Born Free USA in celebration of National Bird Day."

Support from the congressman goes a long way toward spreading National Bird Day's critical message: the need for compassionate bird conservation throughout the world.

Jan. 5, 2012, marks the 10-year anniversary of National Bird Day. Our flying friends are as worthy of celebration as ever before — and as deserving of their right to live freely and fully in the wild. It is difficult to imagine this, but literally thousands of birds are snatched from their homes in the wild each year or are born into captivity only to become victims of commercial exploitation by the "pet" industry.

Want to follow Quigley's example and go to bat for birds, too? Ask your mayor to officially recognize Jan. 5 as National Bird Day in your city or town. Find a sample letter and sample proclamation on our website.

And on Jan. 5, please join Congressman Quigley and your fellow Born Free USA advocates in celebrating National Bird Day!

In the spirit of compassionate conservation,


P.S. Born Free USA has two Global Field Projects that specifically help birds: scarlet macaws in Honduras and African gray parrots in Cameroon. Please consider making a donation today.

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