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INVESTIGATE: Turn Up Heat on Exploitative Captivity

030812_tiger.jpgThe cramped quarters of captive zoo animals provide visitors with seconds of entertainment and the animals a lifetime of unnatural living. Zoos neither educate nor conserve wildlife where they belong — in the wild. One way we address this issue is through our Zoo Check campaign, in which our supporters print out our Zoo Check form, visit their local zoo, record their observations of the caged animals' living conditions, and return the completed form to us. The more information we compile, the more ammunition we have to pursue sensible and humane zoo reform. Please become a Zoo Checker this spring!

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WATCH: 'Menagerie'

030812_video.jpgWe are honored to have received permission to share with you "Menagerie," a powerful, non-graphic art film by Jonathan Hodgson. The short film's stark and haunting images take you on a journey through an all-too-common zoo. A place where wild animals are held captive in small cages so they can be on display for our entertainment. Get a glimpse into what it must be like for these magnificent animals day after day, after day, after day. All with the simple tool of a pencil and an artist's touch.

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DONATE: Elephant Defense Fund Protects Pachyderms

030812_elephant.jpgNo animal is suited to life in a zoo. Elephants, a popular zoo "attraction," suffer mightily for many reasons. Always they are restricted to a space that's a tiny fraction of what they ideally have in the wild, often on concrete or other unforgiving surfaces that damage their feet. They usually are denied the familial and social interaction that would otherwise enrich their lives, which themselves typically are cut short by 30 or more years due to the many deleterious conditions of their captivity. By donating to our Elephant Defense Fund, you are taking a stand and making a crucial difference in Born Free USA's efforts to speak out for elephants being kept behind cages or exploited in circuses. We also work to protect elephants in the wild, where they are decimated to satisfy the ivory trade.

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ACT: Give Yupi the Polar Bear a Better Quality of Life

030812_yupi.jpgYupi is a female polar bear who was brought to Morelia Zoo in Mexico in 1992 at just a few months old. She came from the wilds of Alaska as an orphaned cub after her mother was killed. For 20 years she has lived in a climate that is totally inappropriate for her species, and she is suffering. She has more than earned a better existence. She still lives in small and barren pen whose surface is made entirely of concrete and which receives no natural daylight. Please sign Born Free's petition to the director of Morelia Zoo, the municipal mayor and governor of Michoacan to express your concerns that Yupi's confinement is unacceptable and that she should be relocated to a better facility in a more appropriate climate.

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BID! Let Your Love Fly Free Auction Ends Friday

030812_auction.jpgTime is running out to make bids in Born Free USA's online auction. More than 50 fantastic items are up for grabs, including gourmet treats for you or a doggie gift basket for your four-legged friend, a selection of animal-themed pottery and artwork, and luxury cruelty-free cosmetics. Several items have starting bids under $10. Most importantly, all proceeds benefit Born Free USA's work to save animals. The gavel rests at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, so make your bids now!

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