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March 22, 2012

Introducing Prairie's Fund, to Feed Our Sanctuary's Feline Rescues


Dear Friend,

Here at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, we have plenty of mouths to feed — monkeys and cats.

That's right, cats. Over the years people have dumped dozens of feral felines here in the hope we would open our gates and care for the little fur balls. We did, and we do!

One of the cats we call Prairie. She's a short-haired tabby who likes to — no surprise — kick back and watch everything go down from a safe distance. Sweet, but wild like the tall prairie grass that waves in a summer breeze …

Cats don't graze, and even if they did, Texas shrub wouldn't be their kind of grub. So we have to feed the cats, and that costs money. We also provide them with veterinary care when needed — again, not a small expense.

So in light of that extra expense we are introducing Prairie's Fund. Our goal is to raise just $5,000 this year for their care. By making a generous donation, you will help ensure that we have enough funds to tend to our cats and their monkey neighbors, too.

Everybody wins with Prairie's Fund!

For the primates and our cats,


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