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Tom and Misha's Return to the Wild Nears …

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OH SO CLOSE: Rescued Dolphins in Turkey Doing Great

032912_dolphin.jpgTom and Misha, the two bottlenose dolphins who were dramatically rescued from the brink of death in September 2010, when they were being kept in a fetid swimming pool at a resort in Turkey, are now entering their final but crucial stages of rehabilitation. Their muscle mass has slowly increased during their time in an offshore sea pen, and they have progressed from being hand-fed dead fish to being able to track down and consume live fish on their own. The dolphins are on schedule for release into the Aegean Sea - and back to the wild - in late spring. Find the latest news about Tom and Misha, complete with vivid photographs, in Born Free USA's Global Field Projects web section.

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WATCH: Born Free's Roberts Appears on Heralded Video

032912_adam.jpgLast year our executive vice president, Adam Roberts, participated in an educational forum about tigers at the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover. Tigers, as you probably know, face dire threats to their continued existence in the wild and otherwise are exploited in vile ways. The forum was filmed and transformed into a documentary, "The Plight of Tigers in the U.S." Earlier this month, the documentary received a coveted Bronze Telly Award. The Tellys, which have been presented for 33 years, recognize films, videos and online video content at the local, regional and cable TV levels. Check out the 60-minute show, which we present in four 15-minute installments on our YouTube site.

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UPDATE: Things Taking Shape for Our Big Monkey Rescue

032912_sanctuary.jpgNew enclosures are starting to take shape at our Primate Sanctuary, where soon we will begin welcoming more than 100 long-tailed macaques and one baboon who need a new home after the nearby Wild Animal Orphanage went bankrupt. Sanctuary Director Tim Ajax blogs about the preparations and shares photographs of the emerging new enclosures.

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SHOP: Inkblot Designs Merge Fashion with Compassion

032912_inkblot.jpgHow would you like to speak out for animals killed for their fur without ever saying a word - and look and feel good doing so? Thanks to fffashion designer Yan Fong, you can by buying a shirt or bag adorned with one of her creative, non-graphic inkblot designs accompanied by the message, "Please don't wear any fur." Choose from among bear, bunny, raccoon and seal images in our CafePress store. You'll feel good because for every item purchased, Born Free USA receives $5.

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