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April 4, 2012

Hunting's Been Banned in the Lake Tahoe Basin


Dear Friend,

Last year, you rallied with us to try to stop Nevada's first-ever bear hunt. Sadly, the hunt continued and 14 bears were killed.

But today I have two bits of promising news.

First, right now caring wildlife advocates in your state are celebrating the Nevada Wildlife Commission's recent decision to spare Lake Tahoe Basin bears from being hunted this summer and fall. Although bear hunting still will be allowed in other areas of the state, this is a positive outcome to this sad and controversial issue.

Second, before this year, Nevada allowed trade in bear gallbladders taken from out-of-state bears. Last fall, Born Free USA pushed for an explicit ban, and this year it was implemented.

Exposing the bear bile and gallbladdder trade for what it truly is — a brutal death sentence for bears around the world and a means by which criminals can freely profit from their illegal activity — is a core campaign for the organization. Allowing the trade under any circumstances compromises bans in place and threatens bear conservation everywhere.

Obviously, there is plenty of work to do on bears' behalf. Thank you for being part of that noble effort. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the latest developments.

In the spirit of compassionate conservation,


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