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April 17, 2012

Urge Senate Panel to Approve SB 1221


Dear Friend,

Senate Bill 1221, introduced by Sen. Ted W. Lieu (D-Torrance), would prohibit hunters from using packs of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats in California. That's good for bears, bobcats and dogs.

Please take a moment to ask members of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water to advance SB 1221 by voting "aye" when it comes up for a vote. And if you live in the Sacramento region, please consider attending the bill's hearing, scheduled at 9:30 a.m. April 24 in the Capitol's Room 112. Born Free USA staff will be present to show our support!

In "hounding," radio-collared dogs are used to track, chase and run down animals. Using a portable receiver, hunters determine when the distressed and cornered animal is trapped in a tree. Then they set out to shoot that helpless animal at point-blank range.

In their frantic retreat from the dogs, bears and bobcats endure a tremendous amount of stress. Hounding may separate mother bears from their cubs, leaving young animals orphaned or even caught and torn up by the dogs.

The dogs themselves also suffer. Hunters place their dogs at extreme risk each time they pit them against a wild terrified bear or bobcat. In addition, hunting hounds frequently spend the bulk of their lives confined to a kennel or chained when not being used to track wildlife.

California must ban this brutal practice. Pro-hound hunting groups are rallying against this bill, so we need your help.

In common cause,

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