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Forums in New Mexico, Healing Cats in North Carolina

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UPDATE: We Take Our Anti-Trapping Message to Southwest U.S.

It's been a year since Born Free USA unveiled its landmark investigation of the trapping-for-fur industry, "Victims of Vanity." In the wake of that undercover project, in which our investigator documented horrific trapping activities in Pennsylvania and New Mexico, we launched a nationwide campaign to persuade states to tighten trapping regulations or ban trapping altogether. Those efforts continue this week in New Mexico, where Senior Program Associate Monica Engebretson has joined colleagues from Trap Free New Mexico on an eight-city swing to highlight the dangers associated with trapping on lands. "The Troubles with Trapping" tour's goal is to raise awareness, capture the attention of decision-makers and move New Mexico a step closer to having trap-free public lands.

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J.J. SAVED!: Born Free USA Defrays Trapped Cat's Vet Bill

In addition to being unspeakably cruel and barbaric, trapping is shockingly indiscriminate and sloppy. Born Free USA has estimates that for every targeted animal trapped by commercial and recreational trappers across the United States, an estimated two non-targeted animals may be caught — often family cats and dogs. Recently J.J., Myra Combs' family cat in North Carolina, was caught and severely injured in a Conibear trap. (He's recovering, thankfully!) After Combs told us about the incident, we tapped into our Trapping Victims Fund — a fund that you help underwrite — to defray Myra's veterinary costs. "No one with an ounce of compassion could argue that Conibear traps are humane if he or she had witnessed what I saw," Myra told us. Please help future victims by making a generous contribution to Born Free USA's trapping fund.

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fffashion: Fourth Annual Contest Is in the Judges' Hands Now

We are excited to report that we received dozens of entries in this year's Fur Free Fashion Competition, fffashion. Our panel of celebrity judges, which includes Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Melissa Rivers and Victoria Principal, soon will get down to the business of selecting a winner. Expect to hear the results late this summer. Meanwhile, we got a kick out of seeing that last year's fffashion winner, Stephanie Teague, designed a dress that was worn onstage by international star bassist Esperanza Spalding when she performed at a rainforest benefit concert with rock icon Sting!

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EDUCATE: On Earth Day, a Call for No More Exotic 'Pets'

Born Free USA is calling on public leaders on Earth Day, this coming Sunday, to protect the environment from a problem of increasing magnitude: the private ownership of exotic animals. We are working to halt the epidemic of wild animals as "pets" and the deep impact keeping wildlife in captivity has on conservation by spearheading efforts to preserve wildlife's rightful place in the wild.

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